Mid Year Stock Clearance!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slimming pantyhose from Italy is here at your doorstep!

Looks good with any outfit!
(in the picture: 'Ms. Sunshine' and 'you know you love me' labelled under the 'Royal dresses' tab.
Status: Available)
Your legs look thinner instantly!

This slimming pantyhose looks best with boots!

So, you may be wondering why is it called the SLIMMING pantyhose?? Well, this pantyhose is designed such that it is much tighter than your usual pantyhoses and the material is also thicker such that it does not tear off easily.

Wearing this SLIMMING pantyhose will make your legs look thinner instantly and if you have the patience to wear it everyday, it will tone up your legs, giving permanent slimming effect!

Get your own pair of slimming pantyhose now and say goodbye to flabby legs! =D

Note: These slimming pantyhoses are normally sold in beauty salons. I have checked and the retail price of the same slimming pantyhose is set at RM180 and above~

This is definitely a MUST BUY item! Hurry, make it your secret weapon now for slimmer looking legs!

Item~Slimming pantyhose

Size~Free size


Colour~ Black and skin colour


Grab 2 pairs of SLIMMING pantyhoses now and save RM50!!

2 pairs of SLIMMING pantyhoses in a single purchase:

Special rate: RM 250~

(3 pairs in a single purchase~save RM100)

PLUS! You'll also enjoy FREE postage fee when you purchase our SLIMMING pantyhose!

Lots of love!

Royal Babe